About Our Soups

Our Soups

Chinese Herbs in a CupTraditional Chinese Soups play such an important part in Chinese food culture. We've taken Deidre's family soup recipes that are centuries old and enhanced them up by adding Medicine-Grade Herbs. Enhancing the soups in this way creates a gentle tonic effect - meaning that they not only nourish the body, but also play a role in strengthening and increasing one's vitality.

Our Four Unique Soup Blends:

  • Solomon's Seal - (Wellbeing)
  • Ginseng & Shiitake - (Vitality)
  • Shiitake & Lotus Nut - (Nurture)
  • White Fungus - (Clearing)

Each of them has unique healing properties and is a meal in itself, though root vegetables, slow cooking meats and greens are a great addition.

Can serve 2-4 people. We hope you enjoy making our soups!