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Tonic soups are an important part of Chinese culture and wellbeing. The Little China Company Tonic Soup is a delicious selection of organic Traditional Chinese Medicine-Grade Herbs that forms the base of a delicious soup.

Solomon’s Seal Soup is a tonifying and fortifying blend that focuses on building the Yin. It is the Yin which can easily become depleted after being overworked and run down. In Chinese Medicine you may have heard of Yin/Yang, and it is this balance between the two which allows us to feel normal and well balanced. Yin depletion can easily be described in Western terms along the lines of adrenal exhaustion and the idea of being burnt out.

Yu Zhu (Solomon’s Seal) may helps to rebalance and strengthen the Yin, Shan Yao (Chinese Wild Yam) is a gentle strengthening and digestive herb that is known to help balance hormones, Gou Qi Zi (goji berries) are known to tonify the Kidney and Liver and Hong Zao (Chinese red dates) nourish the blood and calm the mind. Each of the herbs have similar roles, working synergistically to all strengthen the Yin.


  • Yu Zhu (solomon’s seal)
  • Shan Yao (Chinese wild yam)
  • Gou Qi Zi (goji berries)
  • Hong Zao (Chinese red dates)



  • Bring 1.5 litres water to boil
  • Add Little China’s Soup Mix
  • Add boney meat, root vegetables and green vegetables towards the end
  • Simmer for 90 minutes
  • Serves 2-4

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Solomon's Seal Soup


The Little China Company - Solomon Seal Soup



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