About Our Teas

Our Teas

The Tea Cup by Hannah Tea drinking is such a wonderful ritual: taking time to sip slowly and enjoy every moment. Our teas are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas, to help make gentle Tonic Herbs easily accessible to everyone.

Peter, our TCM-practitioner with over three decades of experience developed each blend, taking time to ensure each one is crafted with Tonic Herbs that bring many health benefits to every tea lover. The herbs are all Medicine-Grade, meaning they're of superior quality, and we've left the herbs in their 'raw' herbal form so you can appreciate their unique aesthetic qualities.

Our Six Tea Blends:                

➤Clean-Out (mild detox)
➤Women's Balance
➤Shen Sleep
➤Bo He (Chinese mint)

Each blend has a beautiful aroma and taste.

We hope you make the time to enjoy a cup of our teas!

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