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The Art of Drinking Tea

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Tea drinking is a natural ritual of my everyday life. It is a natural pastime in the course of the day - to enjoy on my own, while working, with friends, with family. Depending on the time of day, the season, my mood or the social situation my choice of tea will vary. So I have many in my collection of teas. Definitely my beverage of choice. Such a pleasurable experience.   Read More ...


When did all this fascination with teas begin?

When I was in my senior years in high school, I visited quite frequently the home of my school friend. Her mother was very into health foods which was highly unusual in the ‘70s when Bushells Tea was the tea of choice. Here I was introduced to herbal terbs - chamomile, peppermint, rosehip. I was open to try these new and different teas and remember the distinct colour and taste of the teas presented in these beautiful porcelain teacups. So my fascination for teas has been a long journey as I continued to discover the art of drinking tea at every stage of my life.

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When I was at home with my two toddler children, people asked what I did during the day now that I was no longer pursuing my career . My reply was that “I have developed the art of drinking tea!”. In the busyness of the day, I found great solace in the “quiet time” to sit and enjoy a pot of tea. My children slept for only short periods during the day, so in those short breaks to enjoy my tea drinking was a very centring and revitalising experience. Definitely no housework or chaotic activity just a time when “I could be”.

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So the art of drinking teas covers many facets of life. There are teas for all seasons, for all moods, for all situations. So versatile and so enhancing.

In the heat of summer, the choice would be for a tea to quench your thirst and to cool the body. The tea can also be enjoyed when it is cooled. In winter, the days call for a warming and nurturing tea. A tea to make you feel safe and comfortable. There are times you may not feel just right, so there will be a tea to choose to bring you back into balance. Teas can enhance your moods. Other times you may have the desire to just drink tea.

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Here at The Little China Company, we have an exciting selection of teas. So you too can enjoy and experience the art of drinking tea.


  • Deidre has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine specialising in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. She has a particular interest in the use of Herbs with food.

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