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Gentle Internal Cleaning

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The (not so healthy) Junk Foods

Our modern day life sees us travelling overseas, eating out, enjoying festive occasions with food as the central theme.

Food is our fuel for life. The quality, the quantity and the variety are the many aspects of food. Food and eating are a wonderful pastime.   Read More ...


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Gentle Internal Cleaning

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So our digestive system is the main role player and the source of assimilating and distributing the nutrients. Obviously we want the most energy, to be healthy and vital.

Every now and again, our digestive system may be hampered by that odd food poisoning experience whether at home or abroad. Some foods may not agree with you. Trying an unfamiliar food. A new eating experience. All can play havoc on our digestive system.

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Step 1 to Gentle Internal Cleaning

Our Gentle Internal Cleaning is a gentle, everyday product which can bring back the balance. A simple, easy and pleasant tasting natural fruit flavoured powder mixed with water taken 1 to 2 times per day.

The Little China Company - Digest Earth

Step 2 to Gentle Internal Cleaning (now drink)

We have had very positive feedback. People feeling less sluggish, they feel less heavy as they lose the full sensation around their waist and for others, less wind and gas. People become more regular in elimination. At first, sometimes the volume is more as the body tries to eliminate the excess stored in the system. People experience clarity in the mind, having more energy and generally better.

Why not make Gentle Internal Cleaning a part of your daily routine…


  • Deidre has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine specialising in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. She has a particular interest in the use of Herbs with food.

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