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The Importance of Sleep …

Sleeping PandaEverybody needs sleep. But did you know just how important this sleep is? Sleep is essential for health, peace of mind and soundness of spirit and is one of the foundation cornerstones of health. It is interesting to note that the length of sleep one requires changes as we grow and develop. Children require more sleep than the adults, as do the aged. Read More ...


Good sleep is calm, restful and deep. The secret to an effective sleep formula is one that will guide you to a deep, restful sleep and keep you there. In this situation, Chinese herbs will keep you calm, but won’t make you groggy and lethargic. Chinese herbs tend to repair the underlying issues so sleep patterns slowly return to routine.

The Little China Company - Shen Sleep Tea & CupShen Sleep - Our Sleep Tea …

Shen Sleep has been carefully developed and is made up of four herbs, synergistically designed to aid sleep and recovery.

Organic Chinese Medicine-Grade Herbs ingredients:

  • Wu Wei Zi (Chinese schiandra) – this herb is an astringent and kidney tonic
  • Mu Li (Oyster shell) – high in calcium and calms the shen (spirit) and mind
  • Suan Zao Ren (zizyphus) – nourishes the heart and blood
  • He Huan Pi (mimosa bark) – relieves constrained emotions and calms

It is worth understanding that Chinese Medicine doesn’t differentiate much between anxiety, insomnia and general sleep problems. Thus from a Chinese Medicine point of view, sleep formulas also help to alleviate anxiety and insomnia type disorders.

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